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Welcome to RESIST!

RESIST (Rare and Endangered Species and Invasive Species Threats) stores information about the relationships between rare plants and the invasive species that threaten them.

Managing lands to promote rare native plants often requires an understanding of regionally- and biologically-specific information to safely reduce weed threats. RESIST is a program designed specifically to provide land managers with a centralized information resource for documentation of invasive species threats to rare species, treatment of invasives in rare species habitat, and identification of rare-invasive cohabitation.

Below are links to information concerning rare species and the invasives which have been identified as possible threats to these species. To learn specifics about rare-invasive interactions, search by rare species. To find out what rare species might be associated with an invasive of interest, search by invasive. The pages in either search also have links between the associated species. The goal of this website is to provide a platform where more precise information can be generated and made readily available. In many cases only rare and invasive species co-occurrence has been documented leaving a knowledge gap concerning the interaction between such species. Please improve this information by contributing.

To become a contributor, please visit our contributing page to set up an account. Thank you!

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