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Thank you for your interest in contributing to RESIST

Contribution Guidelines

All information concerning rare-invasive species interactions is welcome on this site; however, RESIST is focused on three major goals:

1. Documenting and assessing the risks of competitive exclusion, fire, habitat degradation, and other threats caused by invasive weed infestations

2. Describing and/or developing methods for safely reducing these weed threats in ways that are compatible with sensitive species populations, and

3. Identifying invasive weed species common among sensitive species habitat

When at all possible please address these goals in your contributions. Specific information concerning the species involved, which treatments were implemented/evaluated, the site location, size of both rare and invasive populations, degree of rare-invasive comingling, and speculation as to how the particular invasive(s) threaten the rare species in question, will greatly improve the usefulness of this site. Photographs may be included in your contributions. Also, be sure to provide complete citations to any referenced documentation. When you have compiled this information and are ready to submit either to an existing page or add a new rare species to the current list, contact:

Tom Kaye
Institute for Applied Ecology

Tips for contributors:

  • To link internally to the wiki, surround species names with double brackets. E.g., [[Sericocarpus rigidus]]
  • To add a rare or invasive species in a listed species' page, type its name with double brackets surrounding it. Save. If this is the first time that species has been mentioned in the data base, you can click on the name and you will be taken to a blank page to add information about it to the wiki. You can copy, paste and edit syntax code from another page.
  • To add a species to the list of rare or invasive species, edit the appropriate list page and follow the syntax of the surrounding code (it's easiest to cut, paste and edit code from an adjacent species). Save the list page, then click on the species name you added to be sent to a blank page into which you can add additional information. You can copy, paste and edit syntax code from another page.