Stephanomeria malheurensis

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Rare Plant Identifiers

Latin Name: Stephanomeria malheurensis

Common Names: Malheur wirelettuce

Designations: Federally Endangered, State Endangered (Oregon), Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) Rare

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Associated Invasives

Bromus tectorum

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Rare-Invasive Interactions

Weeding may have negative effects on Stephanomeria malheurensis plants (Taylor 1997). Where all Bromus tectorum was removed, Stephanomeria malheurensis was bigger, experienced faster maturation, and produced more seeds (Brauner 1988, Gottlieb 1991)

Information Sources


Brauner, S. 1988. Malheur Wirelettuce (Stephanomeria malheurensis) Biology and interactions with Cheatgrass: 1987 Study Results and Recommendations for a Recovery Plan. Ashland, OH: Report to Bureau of Land Management, Burns District (Oregon). p.53.

Gottlieb, L.D. 1991. The Malheur Wire-Lettuce: a Rare, Recently Evolved Oregon Species. Kalmiopsis, 1:9-13.

Taylor, Nora. 1997. Report on the Status of Stephanomeria malheurensis for the Years 1995, 1996 and 1997. Unpublished report submitted to the Bureau of Land Management (Burns District, Oregon).

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