Isoetes tenella

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Rare Plant Identifiers

Latin Name: Isoetes tenella

Common Names: spiny-spore quillwort

Designations: State Presumed Extirpated (Ohio), State Species of Concern (Rhode Island)

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Associated Invasives

Bolboschoenus maritimus

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Rare-Invasive Interactions

Description of results: Isoetes was always eventually out-competed by Bolboschoenus but Bolboschoenus was most competitive under wet (47% soil saturation for 5 minutes per hour), flooded (100% soil saturation, soil surface kept under 6cm of water) conditions; competitive advantaged was measured as the ratio of production of Isoetes in a mixture verses a monoculture (Rhazi et al. 2009).

Information Sources


Rhazi, M., Grillas, P., Rhazi, L., Charpentier, A., and Medail, F. 2009. Competition in microcosm between a clonal plant species (Bolboschoenus maritimus) and a rare quillwort (Isoetes setacea) for Medeteranean temporary pools of southern France. Hydrobiologia 634:115-124.

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