Hedeoma diffusa

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Rare Plant Identifiers

Latin Name: Hedeoma diffusa

Common Names: spreading false pennyroyal

Designations: Salvage Restricted (Arizona), Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) Rare

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Associated Invasives

Linaria dalmatica

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Pluchea carolinensis

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Rare-Invasive Interactions

A study in 1993 found that cool burns may lead to favorable increases in Hedeoma diffusa recruitment, years later, sites with burns had significant invasion by the exotic plant Linaria dalmatica (Philips and Crisp 2000).

Information Sources


•Phillips, B.G.; Crisp, D.L. Dalmatian toadflax, an invasive exotic noxious weed, threatens Flagstaff pennyroyal community following prescribed fire. Southwestern rare and endangered plants: proceedings of the third conference; September 25-28; Flagstaff, AZ. In: Maschinski, Joyce; Holter, Louella, editors. 2000. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. Fort Collins, CO (Proceedings RMRS-P-23). p 200-205.

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